Austin Designated Driver Service

Austin Designated Driver Service

Located in the heart of Texas, Austin offers a unique and specialized service of Designated Driver. This service includes reliable professionals who ensure the safe transportation of individuals who are unable to drive themselves. This Austin Designated Driver Service includes options such as:

  • Designated driver service near me
  • Designated driver cab service
  • Designated driver car service

Several categories of vehicles are available for this service including luxurious limos, comfortable cars, spacious SUVs, convenient party buses, spacious shuttle buses and sleek vans. The variety of our fleet in Austin Designated Driver Service caters to different needs and group sizes. Whether you are a group of 10 opting for our Camaro, Charger or Chrysler or a larger group of 20 choosing our Hummer, we got you covered. Smaller groups or individuals may prefer our Cadillac XTS or Lincoln car, while SUVs like Escalade, Suburban, and Yukon can accommodate up to 7 passengers. For larger groups, shuttle and party buses with a capacity of up to 55 passengers are also available. Our van category includes deluxe Mercedes and Ford Sprinter Vans and Shuttle vans, catering to groups of 11 to 15 passengers.

About Austin Designated Driver Service?

The Austin designated driver service is an admirable initiative aimed at reducing the implications associated with drunk driving. This revolutionary service provides a reliable and safe transportation option for those who plan on consuming alcohol and still need a way to get home. Through the various sub-services like designated driver cab, car services, and ‘designated driver service near me’, the program makes sure that residents in Austin can enjoy their night out without the worrying about the ride home.

What sets this service apart is the exemplary car options that it offers. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large one, the service got everyone covered. You can choose a luxurious limo, or a cozy car, perhaps an spacious SUV, or even a shuttle bus for larger groups, and even a party bus for memorable parties on the go. Every car option delivers a stellar combination of comfort, space, and safety.

For those seeking a bit more lavish experience, there’s an array of limos like Camaro, Challenger, Escalade, Charger, Chrysler, Excursion, Hummer, Lincoln, Navigator, and Cadillac, each accommodating from 8 to 20 passengers. If you just need a simple ride home after a night out, you can choose from Cadillac XTS and Lincoln sedan, both offering room for three, or an Escalade, Suburban, or Yukon SUVs with capacity of up to 7 passengers.

To cater to group transfers or corporate gatherings, there are options ranging from 12 to 55 passengers minibuses. And if your party is in full swing and you don’t want to stop the fun, opt for a party bus, available in various sizes accommodating 12 to 55 passengers. Last but not least, there are vans like Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Sprinter, Sprinter Limo, and Shuttle Van offering room for 11-15 passengers.

Besides providing a smart and responsible solution to potential DUI situations, this service facilitates a hassle-free, prompt, and efficient transportation service to Austin locals and visitors alike. It’s an innovative way of ensuring people can have a great time yet still prioritize safety and responsibility.

Above all, the Austin designated driver service embodies a commitment to safety, convenience, and responsible enjoyment. When you choose this service, you’re not just making a sensible transport choice, but also aligning with a larger movement towards safer cities and responsible drinking culture.

Austin Camaro

The Austin Camaro is a remarkable addition to our fleet of limos in the city. This 10-passenger vehicle provides an opulent and high-performance ride for an extraordinary group outing experience. It’s perfect for:

  • Exciting night outs.
  • Celebrity escort service.
  • Engagement parties on wheels.
  • Romantic dinner tours.

Austin Challenger

Experience the thrill of group travelling in our Austin Challenger. Comfortably accommodating up to 10 passengers, it’s a stylish choice for various trips. Ideal for:

  • Team building events.
  • Graduation ceremonies.
  • VIP / Executive pickups.
  • Prom nights.

Austin Escalade

The Austin Escalade offers a lavish ride for 12 to 15 passengers. Its stately charm is perfect for a diverse range of services:

  • Touring of renowned local spots.
  • Extravagant wedding arrivals.
  • Luxurious corporate transfers.
  • Sweet sixteen celebrations.

Austin Charger

Discover the luxury of travelling in our Austin Charger. Comfortably seating 10 passengers, its service usage ranges across a wide spectrum:

  • Luxurious airport transfers.
  • Special shopping trip accompaniment.
  • Classy date nights.
  • Fun-filled bachelorette parties.

Austin Chrysler

Serve up to 10 passengers with our sophisticated Austin Chrysler. It caters to a variety of quality transportation services:

  • VIP Wine tasting tours.
  • Attend music festivals in style.
  • Business meetings on the move.
  • Memorable homecoming events.

Austin Excursion

Accommodate up to 15 passengers with our Austin Excursion. It provides the perfect extensive comfort for various services:

  • Long distance transport to concerts.
  • High-profile charity events.
  • Elegant anniversaries.
  • Exhilarating sporting event transport.

Austin Hummer

The luxurious Austin Hummer is an excellent choice for bigger parties of up to 20 passengers. This vehicle is a perfect ride for:

  • Large family reunions.
  • Grand birthday celebrations.
  • Corporate gatherings.
  • Ambitious product launches.

Austin Lincoln

The classic Austin Lincoln suits 8 passengers. With an unparalleled combination of style and comfort, it’s perfect for:

  • Elegant evening affairs.
  • Executive dining in the city.
  • Dignified funeral service transport.
  • Distinctive school formals transport.

Austin Navigator

Experience the exceptional luxury in our Austin Navigator. Accommodate up to 12 passengers and is an ideal choice for:

  • Celebrating a milestone birthday party.
  • High-end bachelor party transportation.
  • Glamorous photoshoot transportation.
  • Ultimate friends’ reunion.

Austin Cadillac

Make unforgettable memories with our Austin Cadillac accommodating up to 10 passengers. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to:

  • Spectacular New Year’s party transportation.
  • Chic movie premiere arrival.
  • Deluxe honeymoon transport.
  • Posh day trips in the city.

Austin Cadillac XTS

As an option for a designated driver service in Austin, the Cadillac XTS comfortably seats 3 passengers. This quality vehicle can be booked for various services such as:

  • Business travels to meetings or conventions
  • Private airport transfers
  • Personal and small group local tours

Austin Lincoln

The Lincoln is another 3-seat vehicle available for designated driver services in Austin. This type of car is highly suitable for:

  • Luxury travel for special events like proms or weddings
  • Corporate chauffeur service
  • Intimate wine tours

Austin Escalade

The Escalade, as a larger vehicle, can carry up to 5 passengers comfortably. In Austin, this vehicle as a designated driver service is ideal for:

  • Group transfers to concerts or sports events
  • Comfortable family travels
  • Medium size party pick up from nightlife spots

Austin Suburban

The Suburban, capable of accommodating 7 passengers, is another choice for the designated driver service in Austin. This can be utilized for diverse functions including:

  • Group outings for social events or parties
  • Medium group airport transfers
  • Larger family road trips

Austin Yukon

Offering a 7-seat capacity, the Yukon is indicative of the diverse range of vehicles available through Austin’s designated driver service. Ideal service uses could include:

  • Group weekend getaways
  • Special event transportation such as bachelor/bachelorette parties
  • Company team building events

Austin 12 Passengers Minibus

The Austin 12 Passengers Minibus is a popular transportation option for those traveling in larger groups in the city of Austin. The Minibus is perfect for a variety of services including:

  • Corporate Outings
  • Wedding Party Transportation
  • Concert or Sporting Event Groups
  • Large Family Outings
  • Guided City Tours

Austin 14 Passengers Minibus

Accommodating up to 14 passengers, this type of Minibus is perfect for those who require larger transportation options in Austin. The 14 Passengers Minibus is ideal for services like:

  • Airport Transportation for Large Groups
  • School Field Trips
  • Church Group and Mission Trips
  • Social Gatherings or Parties
  • Music Festival Groups

Austin 15 Passengers Minibus

Boasting a 15 passenger capacity, this Minibus is a wonderful option for navigating the busy streets of Austin. Potential services that could utilize a 15 Passengers Minibus include:

  • Conference or Convention Transportation
  • Group Wine Tours
  • Nonprofit Organization Events
  • Large Group Sightseeing Trips
  • Sorority or Fraternity Events

Austin 16 Passengers Minibus

In Austin, the 16 Passengers Minibus is the ideal solution for larger groups who value comfort and convenience. This Minibus can serve occasions like:

  • Group Tours of University Campuses
  • Spacious Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Transportation
  • Reunion Events
  • Large Business Group Transportation
  • City Excursions for Tourists

Austin 18 Passengers Minibus

For large group transportation needs in Austin, the 18 Passengers Minibus is an excellent choice. It can be utilized for services such as:

  • Charity Event transportation
  • Music Band Tours
  • Group Shopping Trips
  • Out of town Guest Transportation
  • Festival or Fair Groups

Austin 20 Passengers Minibus

Able to accommodate 20 passengers, this Minibus serves the Austin area effectively. The 20 Passengers Minibus can be used for large group services such as:

  • Team Building Event Transportation
  • Group Concert or Performance Transportation
  • Fundraising Event Guest Transport
  • Club or Organization Trips
  • Tour Groups Exploring Austin’s Nightlife

Austin 25 Passengers Minibus

In Austin, a 25 Passengers Minibus offers a convenient and safe group travel solution. This type of vehicle is well suited for various occasions such as:

  • Wedding party transportation
  • Corporate events
  • Sports team transfers
  • College and university tours
  • Large family or group sightseeing tours

Austin 30 Passengers Minibus

The Austin 30 Passengers Minibus is perfect for large groups requiring spacious and comfortable transportation. This car type is ideal for:

  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • Large conference delegates transport
  • School field trips
  • Transport for religious events
  • Music concert group transfers

Austin 35 Passengers Minibus

The Austin 35 Passengers Minibus is a feasible transportation option for very large groups navigating through Austin. Services that can be used with this car type include:

  • Transport for charity events
  • Transport for large wedding guests
  • Company retreats
  • Festival goers transport
  • Transport for reunions

Austin 40 Passengers Minibus

Navigating Austin with a large group is easy and comfortable with the 40 Passengers Minibus. This vehicle type is suitable for:

  • Group airport transfers
  • Galas and big social events
  • Large corporate team outings
  • Long distance group travel
  • Transport for large holiday parties

Austin 45 Passengers Minibus

For massive groups, the 45 Passengers Minibus in Austin offers a viable transportation solution. The services provided by this car type include:

  • Long journey transfers for large groups
  • Group wine tasting tours
  • Large school excursions
  • Big neighborhood outings
  • Group shopping expeditions

Austin 55 Passengers Minibus

The last but not the least, we have the Austin 55 Passengers Minibus which provides ample space and comfort. This car type can be used for accommodating:

  • Bus tours around Austin
  • Big church retreats
  • Large university campus tours
  • Transport for extra large wedding parties
  • Group convention or conference transport

Austin 12 Passengers Party Bus

Exploring Austin in a 12 Passengers Party Bus is an exhilarating experience. Be it a casual outing, a lush party, or special event journey; this vehicle serves all your needs. Services that this bus type can cater to in the city will surely amaze you:

  • Bachelorette or Bachelor Party ride-around
  • City Tour in style
  • Music Festivals group transport
  • A luxury ride to dinner or casino night
  • Corporate outings or team celebrations

Austin 14 Passengers Party Bus

Navigate through Austin in a big group with the 14 Passengers Party Bus. This luxurious transport service is ideal for various occasions, providing a unique travel experience. The types of services that this bus offers:

  • Special event group pick-ups
  • Concert or Theatre visits
  • Wedding party transport service
  • Nightlife tour in Austin
  • Group excursion to lakes or the countryside

Austin 15 Passengers Party Bus

Discover Austin’s vibrant atmosphere in a 15 Passengers Party Bus. A perfect choice for all types of group fun outings, it ensures smooth and stylish travel. We have listed the variety of services this bus can offer:

  • Vineyard or Brewery tours
  • Group trip to sporting events
  • Family reunion travel
  • School or college field trip
  • Surprise birthday party celebration ride

Austin 16 Passengers Party Bus

Immerse yourself in the charm of Austin with the 16 Passengers Party Bus, a stellar choice for group travel. It’s comfort combined with luxury makes every journey memorable. Here’s a peek at some services this bus provides:

  • Prom or Graduation party rides
  • Group transport for conventions or seminars
  • Retirement party celebration commute
  • Seasonal event or festival group ride
  • Planned group shopping sprees

Austin 18 Passengers Party Bus

The 18 Passengers Party Bus is an excellent choice for group transportation in Austin. Its stylish interiors and comfortable seating make it an attractive option for different occasions. The various services this bus is capable of are:

  • Group airport/hotel shuttles
  • Religious event group transport
  • Group road trips
  • Public event or parade visits
  • TV Show or Movie Set group tours

Austin 20 Passengers Party Bus

A 20 Passengers Party Bus in Austin provides a cozy and lavish ride. This larger-sized vehicle is perfect for a wide range of events. Here are some of the services this party bus is popularly used for:

  • Fashion event group transport
  • Charity event group visits
  • Company team building trips
  • Amusement park visits
  • Large-scale reunion transport

Austin 25 Passengers Party Bus

In the vibrant city of Austin, our 25 Passengers Party Bus is an exciting way to travel with friends or colleagues. This spacious bus is perfect for various services such as:

  • Tours of downtown Austin
  • Celebratory events like birthdays or bachelorette parties
  • Transportation to and from music festivals

Austin 30 Passengers Party Bus

Our Austin 30 Passengers Party Bus is the ideal solution for transporting sizable groups with comfort and fun. It is typically utilized for services such as:

  • Corporate team-building events
  • >Wedding party transportation
  • Winery and brewery tours

Austin 35 Passengers Party Bus

Featuring comfort in abundance, Austin’s 35 Passengers Party Bus is perfectly suited for various services such as:

  • Large family reunions or gatherings
  • Sporting event transportation
  • Roadshows for performing bands or artists

Austin 40 Passengers Party Bus

Austin’s 40 Passengers Party Bus brings a new level of comfort and luxury to group travel. This versatile bus is perfect for services like:

  • Large convention or conference transportation
  • Group airport transfers
  • Sightseeing tours for international visitor groups

Austin 45 Passengers Party Bus

Austin’s 45 Passengers Party Bus offers ample space and opulence and is ideal for a variety of services:

  • School or university tours
  • Music concert or festival transportation
  • Non-profit organization events

Austin 55 Passengers Party Bus

The largest of our offerings, Austin’s 55 Passengers Party Bus makes group travel a breeze. It is often used for services such as:

  • Citywide events transportation
  • Church group outings
  • Large group transportation for any event from sports to concerts

Austin Mercedes Sprinter Van

The Austin Mercedes Sprinter Van is a chic, versatile way to travel through the heart of Texas. This vehicle can accommodate 11 to 14 passengers, making it ideal for a variety of services such as:

  • Bachelor or bachelorette parties
  • Groups airport transfers
  • Corporate events
  • Educational trips

Austin Ford Sprinter Van

The Ford Sprinter Van in Austin has become an admired selection for its spacious interior and smooth ride. Hosting 11 to 14 passengers, some appropriate uses for this van include:

  • Family reunions or trips
  • Music festivals or concerts
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Team building events

Austin Sprinter Limo

If you’re looking for an elevated transport experience in Austin, the Sprinter Limo is a desirable choice. With a capacity for 14 passengers, it can be utilized for several services like:

  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Prom nights
  • Luxury sightseeing tours
  • Sophisticated corporate functions

Austin Shuttle Van

An Austin Shuttle Van sets the bar of comfort for group travel by offering space for up to 15 passengers. The Shuttle Van is typically used for:

  • Large family outings
  • Winery or brewery tours
  • Sports team transport
  • Group transportation to conferences

1. What is a designated driver service in Austin?

A designated driver service in Austin is a professional service providing drivers to drive your car or their fleet vehicle. It ensures safe transportation especially for people who cannot or do not wish to drive.

2. What vehicles are available for designated driver service near me?

The designated driver service near Austin offers a wide variety of vehicles like limos, cars, SUVs, shuttle buses, party buses, and vans. The fleet includes models like Camaro, Challenger, Escalade, Chrysler, and Cadillac among others, based on the passengers’ needs.

3. Can I book a designated driver cab service for a party?

Yes. Party buses and limos can be booked under the designated driver cab service in Austin. They offer a range of capacities accommodating from 12 to 55 passengers.

4. Are Austin’s designated driver car services reliable?

Austin’s designated driver car services are reliable and maintain a high standard of safety and comfort. The drivers are experienced with professional licenses.

5. How many passengers can an Austin designated driver service limo accommodate?

Austin’s designated driver service limos typically accommodate between 8-20 passengers, depending on the model of the car like Lincoln, Cadillac, Hummer, etc.

6. What type of cars can I expect under Austin’s designated driver service?

Under Austin’s designated driver service, you can expect luxury and standard cars such as the Cadillac XTS and Lincoln, accommodating up to 3 passengers.

7. Do designated driver services in Austin offer SUVs?

Yes, designated driver services in Austin offer SUV models like the Escalade, Suburban, and Yukon, which can accommodate up to 7 passengers.

8. What is the capacity of Austin’s designated driver service shuttle buses?

Austin’s designated driver service shuttle buses come in various capacities ranging from 12 to 55 passengers.

9. Can I book a party bus via a designated driver service in Austin?

Yes. Austin’s designated driver services provide party buses that can hold between 12 and 55 people. Perfect for a large event or party.

10. Are vans available under Austin’s designated driver services?

Yes, Austin’s designated driver services provide various kinds of vans, including the Mercedes Sprinter Van, Ford Sprinter Van, Sprinter Limo, and Shuttle Van, accommodating up to 15 passengers.

Austin Limos Designated Driver Service

Austin’s limos designated driver service presents a unique blend of elegance and safety. Our unmatched selection of popular models like Camaro, Challenger, Escalade, Charger, Chrysler, Excursion, Hummer, Lincoln, Navigator, and Cadillac are designed to cater to groups ranging from 8 to 20 passengers. Ideal for any occasion, our limos guarantee a safe, reliable, and luxurious ride. All our limos are driven by professional designated drivers to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Austin Camaro Designated Driver Service

Our Austin Camaro Designated Driver Service offers a sleek and stylish ride for up to 10 passengers. This modern and elegant vehicle is ideal for group outings, ensuring everyone arrives at their destination safely and in style. The Camaro service is especially popular for bachelor parties, game nights, concerts, and night outs around Austin. With our professionally trained designated drivers at the wheel, you can relax, enjoy your night, and leave the driving to us.

Austin Challenger Designated Driver Service

Experience the thrill of riding in a classic American muscle car without the worries of driving. Our Austin Challenger Designated Driver Service accommodates up to 10 passengers. It’s a fantastic choice for outings such as a weekend getaway, music festivals, and sporting events. Our drivers are well-acquainted with the Austin area, ensuring a smooth ride whether you’re going bar hopping or returning from an event.

Austin Escalade Designated Driver Service

Choose our Austin Escalade Designated Driver Service for a touch of luxury. This spacious and comfortable vehicle accommodates 12-15 passengers, perfect for larger groups. Plan your wine tours, corporate events, or birthdays without the worry of having a designated driver from your group. Our professional drivers not only know the way around the city but are also committed to your safety and satisfaction.

Austin Charger Designated Driver Service

Feel the power of the classic Dodge Charger with our Austin Charger Designated Driver Service. Seating up to 10 passengers, you and your group can enjoy the night’s festivities without concerns about the drive. Ideal for brewery tours, club hopping, or even tailgating at NASCAR races, our Charger will keep your group safe while you create memories.

Austin Chrysler Designated Driver Service

Turn heads in our Austin Chrysler Designated Driver Service. This luxurious vehicle offers style and class for up to 10 passengers, making it an elegant choice for red carpet events, premieres, or even Instagram-worthy photoshoots. Allow our experienced drivers to take on the burden of navigating through Austin, while you and your group embrace the night’s beauty and fun.

Austin Excursion Designated Driver Service

Find your adventurous spirit with our Austin Excursion Designated Driver Service. This robust and roomy option seats up to 15 passengers, ideal for larger families or friend groups heading out for outdoor concerts, picnics, or camping trips around Austin. Leave the driving to us as you kick back, relax, and relish your day out.

Austin Hummer Designated Driver Service

For an extravagant night out, consider our Austin Hummer Designated Driver Service. This vehicle can accommodate up to 20 passengers. Roll out with your entire squad for prom nights, mega parties, or just a lavish night out on the town. Our experienced drivers will ensure a smooth, safe ride while you focus on living up the Austin night.

Austin Lincoln Designated Driver Service

Our Austin Lincoln Designated Driver Service offers a dash of luxury for up to 10 passengers. This timeless charmer is an excellent pick for a stylish arrival to weddings, gala events, or a posh dinner in the city. Our revered team of drivers possesses in-depth knowledge of Austin’s streets and avenues, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe ride.

Austin Navigator Designated Driver Service

The Austin Navigator Designated Driver Service, which can seat 12 passengers, is all about refined luxury and comfort. It’s perfect for airport transfers, traveling for business meetings, or simply a night out with friends. You can enjoy your journey while our professional, well-mannered drivers handle the road.

Austin Cadillac Designated Driver Service

Get a taste of classic luxury with our Austin Cadillac Designated Driver Service. This iconic car offers a timeless style for parties of up to 10 passengers. Whether you’re heading to a special reunion, executive party, or just exploring the city’s nightlife, our Cadillac service coupled with professional drivers ensures you a ride in grandeur and peace of mind.

Austin Car Designated Driver Service

With our Austin car designated driver service, enjoy the comfort and luxury of vehicles like Cadillac XTS and Lincoln for up to 3 passengers. Our dedicated drivers prioritize your safety and convenience, ensuring a smooth and pleasurable ride. This service can be an ideal choice for small groups looking for a comfortable and safe journey across the city.

Austin Cadillac XTS designated driver service

Experience safe, stylish and snug transportation with our Cadillac XTS when availing our designated driver service in Austin. Our spacious Cadillac XTS allows up to 3 passengers to comfortably enjoy their night out without worrying about the responsibility of driving. With a plush interior, modernized multimedia systems and expert drivers at the wheel, you can unwind after a long day, enjoy the city view, or keep the celebration going with your friends. Not only suitable for night outs, our Cadillac XTS designated driver service also makes a smart choice for corporate events or private gatherings.

Austin Lincoln designated driver service

To ensure your safety while you’re having fun, our designated driver service in Austin brings to you the classic Lincoln for up to 3 passengers. Perfect for small groups, this car is well-appointed with luxurious amenities and advanced safety features. Our Lincoln cars allow you to party without the concerns of the road. More than just a ride, our Lincoln designated driver service offers a luxurious, reliable, and enjoyable experience. Choose this option for your bachelor’s parties, girls nights out, or special events.

Austin SUV Designated Driver Service

Our Austin SUV designated driver service is perfect for groups of 5 to 7 passengers. Choose from our Escalade, Suburban, and Yukon models that offer ample space without compromising on comfort and luxury. Driven by our dedicated designated drivers, these SUVs are a perfect fit for a safe ride around the city or bringing a small group to an event.

Austin Escalade designated driver service

When travelling with a larger group in Austin, the Escalade from our designated driver service is a great choice. Accommodating up to 5 passengers, this spacious SUV combines luxury and functionality. Whether you are heading to a concert, sporting event or family gathering, our Escalade ensures a classy ride for everyone. The inviting interior and superior safety measures that the car boasts off would add peace to your travelling experience.

Austin Suburban designated driver service

Get the most out of your group travels in Austin with our Suburban car from the designated driver service. With seating space for up to 7 passengers, it promises a comfortable ride. Whether it’s a group dinner, a graduation celebration, or a night out with friends, the Suburban allows your group to stay together. Make an impression wherever you go with this high-performance, stylish vehicle.

Austin Yukon designated driver service

Another excellent option for large groups is our Yukon car for the designated driver service in Austin. It comfortably seats up to 7 passengers, ensuring that group travels are never cramped. This SUV is not just about space, it brings luxury too. Enjoy optimal comfort and safety with our Yukon designated driver service that keeps your night-outs, party hopping or sightseeing fun and worry-free.

Austin Shuttle Bus Designated Driver Service

The Shuttle Bus designated driver service in Austin offers spacious and comfortable travel for larger groups. We provide minibuses with different seating capacities ranging from 12 to 55 passengers. Our fleet of minibuses is regularly maintained and driven by professional designated drivers to ensure the safety and comfort of every passenger.

Austin 12 Passengers Minibus Designated Driver Service

In Austin, our 12 Passengers Minibus is ideal for groups looking for a designated driver service. Spacious and comfortable, these minibuses come equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, adjustable seats, and audio-visual equipment. You can go bar-hopping in Rainey Street or have an epic night out in famous 6th Street without worrying about who will drive or where to park. Enjoy your evening, while our professional, courteous drivers ensure a safe ride back home.

Austin 14 Passengers Minibus Designated Driver Service

Our 14 Passengers Minibus designated driver service in Austin is perfect for larger groups planning a festive night. This vehicle offers ample space for all passengers, luggage, and any party supplies you might need. Whether you’re celebrating a bachelor party in West Sixth or a birthday in Red River Cultural District, you can trust our drivers to handle the city’s bustling nightlife traffic with ease. Relax, enjoy your night, and let us take care of the driving.

Austin 15 Passengers Minibus Designated Driver Service

In Austin, our 15 Passengers Minibus designated driver service is a smart choice for medium-sized parties. Equipped with modern amenities, comfortable seating, and ample storage space, it’s great for nights out in hotspots like Warehouse District or Downtown. You and your friends can enjoy the evening without worrying about navigating through city traffic or finding parking. Trust our experienced drivers to take the wheel for a safe and enjoyable night out.

Austin 16 Passengers Minibus Designated Driver Service

When you’re out exploring Austin’s lively bar scene with a larger group, our 16 Passengers Minibus designated driver service provides both comfort and safety. With expansive seating, state-of-art entertainment systems, and climate control, it’s ideal for a big group tour of pubs and breweries at East Cesar Chavez or South Congress. Our professional drivers safeguard your evening adventure, letting you focus solely on having a good time.

Austin 18 Passengers Minibus Designated Driver Service

Experience a memorable night out in Austin’s vibrant nightlife locales with our 18 Passengers Minibus designated driver service. This vehicle guarantees a comfortable ride for everyone in your group, making it perfect for bar hopping across Nightlife Districts like Dirty Sixth or Up North. Spend the night in carefree celebration, as our reliable drivers manage the road, delivering you safely back home.

Austin 20 Passengers Minibus Designated Driver Service

Our 20 Passengers Minibus designated driver service in Austin is your group’s ticket to a stress-free night out. Ideal for large gatherings, this minibus comes complete with modern conveniences, ensuring a night of fun and relaxation. Plan a bar crawl across East Austin or Hyde Park’s lively spots without any worries about the drive. You can trust our professional, experienced drivers for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Austin 25 Passengers Minibus designated driver service

The designated driver service in Austin offers this magnificent 25 Passengers Minibus, which is ideal for larger groups. This bus ensures everyone in your group arrives safely to their destination, especially following a night out in the town. The service offers various features like excellent interior lighting, plush seating, and an experienced designated driver to navigate Austin’s busy roads. Adding to the convenience, this is an excellent choice for bachelor & bachelorette parties, company get-togethers, or birthdays.

Austin 30 Passengers Minibus designated driver cab service

Austin’s designated driver cab service introduces the 30 Passengers Minibus, perfect for accommodating large group traveling needs. This designated driver service aims to ensure group travel is not only fun but safe. With comfortable seating and ample space, this minibus keeps everyone content while our professional driver ensures you reach your destination. This service is especially suitable for wine tours, concerts, or sporting events.

Austin 35 Passengers Minibus designated driver car service

Looking to travel in a big group around Austin? The 35 Passengers Minibus offered by designated driver car service is your go-to option. Spacious and luxurious, the minibus offers advanced security features and the utmost comfort. This car type is perfect for school field trips, club outings, or large family reunions. Moreover, our well-trained drivers ensure you meet your schedule without any delays.

Austin 40 Passengers Minibus designated driver service

Explore Austin’s nightlife securely with the 40 Passengers Minibus offered by the designated driver service. This vehicle assures party-goers to enjoy a fun-filled night, promoting safe travel standards. It’s an excellent choice for large scale events such as music festivals, college orientation days, or promotional events. Our expert drivers ensure prompt pick-up and drop-off services to and from your destination.

Austin 45 Passengers Minibus designated driver service near me

Our designated driver service near you in Austin presents the 45 Passengers Minibus. This large minibus offers spacious interiors, comfortable seats, and smooth rides. Ideal for long journey excursions, large conference transportation, or even city tours. You can trust our proficient drivers, providing an outstanding service, getting you to your destination safely and timely.

Austin 55 Passengers Minibus designated driver car service

The largest of them all, the 55 Passengers Minibus provided by the designated driver car service in Austin, ensures your journey is safe and convenient. The car choice fits perfectly for substantial corporate events, large-scale weddings, and religious pilgrimage journeys. Allowing your group to travel together enhances the overall journey experience as our experienced drivers make sure everyone arrives safely at their destination.

Austin Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Make the most of your celebration with our Austin party bus designated driver service. Suitable for large parties, our buses can accommodate 12-55 passengers. Be it a bachelorette party, birthday bash, or simply a fun night out, our party buses promise an unforgettable experience. The designated drivers possess professionalism and experience, prioritizing passenger safety, and giving you the freedom to enjoy the night.

Austin 12 Passengers Party Bus Designated Driver Service

In Austin, take advantage of a designated driver service for the 12-passenger party bus. It’s perfect for large groups out to enjoy an evening of fun. The service ensures everyone has a great time without worrying about driving. The party bus fitted with plush seating, mood lighting, and a high-quality sound system, you can keep the party going even in transit. Plus, professional designated drivers know Austin well and can recommend popular spots or take you to your preferred destination.

Austin 14 Passengers Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Austin’s 14-passenger party bus designated driver service is great for larger parties. Whether it’s bachelor parties, birthday celebrations or corporate events, no need to appoint a designated driver from your group. The bus features a modern entertainment system, comfortable seats and a minibar stocked with snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Our professional drivers ensure you make it home safely after your night out.

Austin 15 Passengers Party Bus Designated Driver Service

For a slightly larger group, Austin’s 15-passenger party bus designated driver service is ready to serve. Excellent for concerts or sports events, where everyone can enjoy without worrying about driving. The bus equipped with premium amenities like LED screens, cooling system, and excellent speaker system. Our designated drivers are trained to provide smooth, safe, and punctual rides to your group.

Austin 16 Passengers Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Looking to paint the town red? Look no further than Austin’s 16-passenger party bus designated driver service. The bus has space to provide comfortable seating for each member, a dance floor, and a high-class stereo system to keep the atmosphere vibrant. The designated driver will guarantee an enjoyable, stress-free experience while en route to your venue or hopping from one hotspot to another.

Austin 18 Passengers Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Ride in style and safety with Austin’s 18-passenger party bus designated driver service. The party bus includes modern audio-visual technology, rich leather seats, and ample room to party. It’s perfect for weddings, proms, or just a big night out on the town. The professional designated driver takes care of navigation, traffic, and parking so you and your guests can have an unforgettable experience.

Austin 20 Passengers Party Bus Designated Driver Service

Austin’s largest offer is the 20-passenger party bus designated driver service. Ideal for large-scale events like music festivals, large-group airport transfers, or big parties. The bus comes with a complete entertainment system, a climate-controlled environment, and comfortable, spacious seats. The driver will handle all the transportation details to ensure a fun and safe journey for everyone on board.

Austin 25 Passengers Party Bus designated driver service

If you’re planning a special occasion in Austin, a 25 passengers party bus, operated by our designated driver service, can be an excellent choice. We provide an amazing party atmosphere with a spacious interior, top-notch sound system, and spectacular light show. Our professional drivers ensure your group’s safety, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride. We cater to a range of events, from bachelorette parties and birthdays to concerts and sporting events. Let our designated drivers take the wheel while you create unforgettable memories.

Austin 30 Passengers Party Bus designated driver service

A 30-passenger party bus from our designated driver service is an excellent way to keep your group together for any big event in Austin. Our roomy vehicle boasts a quality sound system and dazzling lighting effects to create the perfect party setting. Ideal for weddings, anniversary celebrations, or corporate events, our service takes the worry out of travel logistics. Our experienced drivers prioritize safety and punctuality, ensuring your event runs smoothly. Leave the driving to us while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the party.

Austin 35 Passengers Party Bus designated driver service

Our Austin designated driver service offers 35 passenger party buses that are perfect for larger parties or events. With state-of-the-art sound systems and lights, these buses are ready for any celebration or occasion. From bachelor parties to wine tours, our party buses have the space and the spirit to provide a fun traveling experience. Our premier drivers, with their focus on safety and service, ensure that your journey is smooth and stress-free. Let our designated driver service take you and your guests to your destination safely, while you enjoy the ride.

Austin 40 Passengers Party Bus designated driver service

Our Austin designated driver service provides 40 passenger party buses to accommodate larger parties and events. Complete with a top-quality sound system and dynamic lighting, our vehicles make for a lively party-on-wheels. Book one for your next large group out, be it a music concert, sports event, prom night, or weekend trip. Our professional drivers place the safety of our customers above all, ensuring a secure and comfortable journey to your desired destination. Experience the town with luxury and leave the driving to our reliable team.

Austin 45 Passengers Party Bus designated driver service

The 45 passenger party bus from our Austin designated driver service offers plenty of space for your largest events. With the capacity for a big group of friends or colleagues, it can host a great on-the-go party or provide transportation for a day out on the town. Perfect for office retreats, concerts, festivals, or just a night out, this party bus ensures a fun and exciting journey. Our experienced drivers will transport your group safely and securely to your destination while you enjoy the luxurious interiors of our bus.

Austin 55 Passengers Party Bus designated driver service

For the largest of group events, our Austin designated driver service offers a 55 passenger party bus equipped with top-of-the-line features and plenty of space. Ideal for major company outings, large family reunions, or big-time celebrations, this vehicle will provide an unforgettable journey. Ensuring safety and tranquility, our vetted drivers ease the burden of transportation for your event. Embrace your journey and the exemplary service that we have to offer.

Austin Vans Designated Driver Service

For group travel, look no further than our Austin vans designated driver service. Our selection includes Mercedes Sprinter Van, Ford Sprinter Van, Sprinter Limo, and Shuttle Van, capable of comfortably ferrying 11-15 passengers. Whether it’s for corporate events, family outings, or group tours, our van service with designated drivers can make the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

Austin Mercedes Sprinter Van designated driver service

Being a superb combination of comfort and style, the Mercedes Sprinter Van is one of Austin’s preferred choices for a designated driver service. Designed to accommodate 11-14 passengers, it is an ideal choice for night-outs, bachelor parties, concerts, and sporting events. The spacious interior allows everyone to unwind, while the expert designated driver navigates through Austin’s busy streets. You can enjoy your event without worrying about the trip home. Various amenities are available, including reclining leather seats, tinted windows, audio and video systems. Let the Austin Mercedes Sprinter Van designated driver service take care of your transport needs while you focus on the fun.

Austin Ford Sprinter Van designated driver service

Safety and spaciousness are two features of the Ford Sprinter Van to highlight for designated driver service in Austin. With enough place for 11-14 passengers, it is an excellent choice for group outings, corporate events, or a night in the town with friends. A hired professional driver ensures you enjoy your event responsibly. The Ford Sprinter Van comes equipped with comfortable seating, ample legroom, and a sound system to keep the fun going. Choose the Austin Ford Sprinter Van designated driver service for a safe and memorable night.

Austin Sprinter Limo designated driver service

Experience the peak of luxury with the Austin Sprinter Limo designated driver service. This plush vehicle, capable of accommodating 14 passengers, adds a tinge of sophistication to any occasion. This service is a great match for weddings, proms, wine tours, and more. With a professional driver at the helm, the Sprinter Limo takes you around Austin safely while you socialize with guests. Amenities include heat and cool controls, minibar, leather seats, and a high-end audio system. The Sprinter Limo designated driver service is your ticket to a classy, worry-free event in Austin.

Austin Shuttle Van designated driver service

If your event involves a larger group, the Austin Shuttle Van designated driver service is a perfect pick. Capable of moving 15 passengers, it’s great for transporting wedding guests, teams heading for sporting events or touring bands. Operated by a skilled driver, it ensures that everyone reaches their destination on time and safely, allowing guests to enjoy the event without parking worries or the perils of driving under influence. The Shuttle Van provides a smooth ride, air-conditioning, overhead storage, and ample legroom. The Austin Shuttle Van designated driver service is all about group comfort and convenience.

How much is designated driver service in Austin, Texas?

The cost of a designated driver service in Austin, Texas can vary depending on several factors. Rates are often determined by the distance and time for which the service is needed, as well as the type of vehicle chosen. For example, hiring a designated driver for a limo may cost more than for a car. Additionally, rates may possibly increase during peak times, holidays, or special events. It’s always recommended to get a quote from the service provider for the most accurate pricing.

What is the best form of transportation in Austin for designated driver service?

When in Austin and requiring a designated driver service, there are various options to consider. Whether you’re looking to hire a cab service or a personal car service, Austin offers a wide range of choices for enjoyable, safe, and reliable transportation. Not only do these services ensure sober driving after a night of fun, but they also remove worries associated with directions, parking, and traffic. Many people prefer the convenience of a designated driver service for various events and hangouts, thanks to the service’s ability to offer customized pickups and drop-offs within Austin and surrounding areas.

Austin Designated Driver Service Near Me

Austin boasts many designated driver services to ensure you can find a competent, professional driver who knows the city’s route inside out. One particular benefit is the proximity; these services are always ‘near me’. Whether you’re at a party, a bar or a music festival, you can swiftly locate a designated driver at short notice.

Austin Designated Driver Cab Service

The designated driver cab service sees frequent use in Austin, significantly in the downtown area, home to a bustling bar scene. Patrons can enjoy their night without concerns about their ride home, thanks to the many reliable cab services.

Austin Designated Driver Car Service

The designated driver car service in Austin represents both convenience and luxury. Clients generally consider this option for classier events such as wine tastings, weddings, corporate events, and dinner parties. It ensures you can appreciate the event to its fullest, knowing a professional driver is on standby. Furthermore, some of the top car types under this service category include the Camaro, Challenger, Escalade, and Charger, vehicles known for their comfort and sophisticated aesthetics. This service ensures less stress, prompt arrival, and the lap of luxury while navigating Austin’s vibrant streets.

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